About Luke Campbell

My name is Luke Campbell.  I live in a small rural town in Tennessee with an amazing wife and two wonderful kids.  I’ve been working in IT for more than 15 years with most of that time being in the healthcare industry.  I started my career by getting my CompTIA A+ certification and taking a position in PC technical support for a large computer corporation.  Moved on to the systems administration role supporting mainly the Microsoft Windows platform before deciding to move into database administration.  I’ve worked with many great mentors along the way (of which I couldn’t thank enough for the guidance).  Since becoming a DBA, I’ve received the MCSE – Data Platform, MCSE – Data Management and Analytics, MCSE – Cloud and Infrastructure, and several other certifications focusing on SQL Server or the EMC storage platform (all certs are listed on LinkedIn.  There’s even one for Oracle 10g 🤫).

I currently work for one of the largest healthcare technology services corporations in the world headquartered in Nashville, Tn.  I have a few goals for this site, one of which is to capture things I’ve learned, and continue to learn, while working with SQL Server.  You can contact me at Luke at sqlservermigrations dot com.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own and do not express the opinions or views of my employer.

About SQLServerMigrations.com

This blog will focus on all things related to SQL Server.  However, a specialized focus will be on migrating SQL Server.  I hope to pass along tips, scripts, and suggestions that I’ve learned along the way.  There’s a lot of great resources out there.  SQL Server has one of the most active and helpful communities I know of.  One of the largest being PASS.  I’ll provide links to many others as reference and further reading (and as a reminder to myself) as I begin to create posts.  This site will contain several scripts / snippets written in Powershell and t-sql.


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